Talk smack here if you want about Game # 41- Finished


  1. romn July 23rd

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    Looks like a lady is giving all the guys a run for their money on this game.

  2. hollyholley July 23rd

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    It is quite impressive to know that I am a distinguished woman from the Lone Star state, running lead in this #41 Game. LOL. I must say, it is not everyday your typical “woman” leads in this area. So, hats off from the Lone star state……”winning.”

  3. kevin meeekins July 23rd

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    it just ain’t right i tell you but watch out for the pouncing kevin

  4. kryscio23 July 25th

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    Looks like the Winner of Contest #40 has broken into the Top 10 and is up to #6! Here we go …

  5. Holly Holley July 25th

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    “W_I_N_N_I_N_G” Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kryscio23 July 26th

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    Wouldnt get too excited just yet … three weeks to go and a lot more runs to be scored. Your margin is shrinking!

  7. Holly Holley August 6th

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    Getting a little close I think………..

  8. kevin meeekins August 8th

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    the ladys are fallen down yeheeeeeeeeee………

  9. Holly H August 9th

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    Awww Kevin, you haven’t checked the charts recently…..I believe I am at the top! And you are “where”….oh, that’s right….SOMEWHERE UNDER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha W-I-N-N-I-N-G ….

  10. kevin meeekins August 9th

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    you can’t see me but keep looking be afraid,,,,,be afraid

  11. Holly H August 10th

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    Hahahaha….I am a 5’7 mortician in a pair of 3 ‘ heels ……you think I got fear???? Never!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. kevin meeekins August 10th

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    i am runing now

  13. Holly H August 11th

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    Not for long Buttercup!!!!!!

  14. kevin meeekins August 11th

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    going down uh

  15. Holly H August 13th

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    OOOOHHHHHH not good….. :(

  16. kevin meeekins August 13th

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    i know right

  17. kevin meeekins August 16th

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    lucky dogs

  18. John August 16th

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    Sorry all, but I was so due to win 1st place in one of these contests…it’s a good one too… Thanks Michael!!!

    Actually, I’m just happy I finally beat Knup! ;)

  19. kryscio23 August 20th

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    Have scored in the last three contests … what’s next?! :)

  20. Holly H August 21st

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    I am ready for another round with you guys. Always fun, thanks MW!

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