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Ok talk smack here about game # 43-who’s going to win or not. Keep it clean.


  1. Holly Holley September 17th

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    Well its about time I made the top ten …..moving up I hope. good luck fellas.

  2. kevin September 17th

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    hope,, you have no hope. soon you will feel a slow decent

  3. joe carney September 18th

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    pretty happy with my teams so far….i think first place is mine next week!

  4. kevin meeekins September 18th

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    next week well be a dark time for you my friend

  5. kryscio23 October 5th

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    Was one point out of first before Week 5 … and Virginia Tech dropped a whole 3 points on the scoreboard and pushed me to third. NOT Doing the Hokie Pokie after that performance!

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