Contest Closed Game # 32 Christmas Contest $50.00 In prize money-Free Entry NCAA Basketball Offense

More prize money this week $50.00 in our Christmas Contest, and now speak out on the Oneseasontrader Forums which are now open.
Time:December 13-December 23, 2010
Type NCAA Basketball Offense
Entry deadline: December 13, 2010: 6:00 PM How to Play: Before December 13th go to the contest tab at the top page and select 5 NCAA Basketball teams that you think will score the most points. Hit the submit button and you have entered. One entry per person. Follow your 5 selected teams when they play and score. Click on the contest leaders at the top of the page and watch and see what place you are in as the contest is running. The user with the teams that score the most total points wins $25.00 prize first place, $15.00 prize second place, $10.00 prize thrid place. In case of a tie the prize is divided evenly. Prize money will be paid on Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas from Oneseasontrader.


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