New Game is closed for entry : Game # 34 $100.00 prize money In One Season Trader’s first Weather Contest-Free Entry

In preparation of the beta launch of World Events Game which will feature more than just sports, One Season Trader presents its first Weather Contest. $100.00 in prize money.
Time: January 17- January 31, 2011
Type: Weather- Coldest US Cities- ( lowest score wins)
Entry deadline: January 16- 12:00 pm
How to play: Before January 17 th go to the contest tab at the top of the page and select 5 US cities that you think will have the coldest recorded temperatures on each day between Jan 17 thru Jan 31. Hit the submit button and you have entered. One entry per person. Follow your 5 selected cities each day as the temperatures are posted on the OST front page-updated daily. Click on the contest leaders at the top of the page and see what place you are in while the contest is running-updated daily. You will recieve 1 point for each degree of temperature for all of your selected cites, each day. Remember the lowest scores wins. The users with the lowest points wins $50.00 prize first place, $25.00 prize second place, $15.00 third place, $10.00 prize fourth place. In case of a tie the prize is divided evenly. All temperature stats are obtained from the National Weather Service.


  1. Pandoras January 11th

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    Do what? Guess the weather? WTF….LOL This is very odd!

  2. Disasterous1 January 12th

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    yeah what she said..WTF?!?

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