Game # 38-Finished- Top ten places wins $100.00 in Prize money- MLB most Runs-Free entry

New Game with a few changes and a new early bird rule.
$100.00 in prize money in the new One Season Trader MLB game. Most Runs game # 38
Time: May 6, 2011 thru May 31, 2011
Type : MLB Most Runs
Entry Deadline: 2:00 PM May 6, 2011
How to Play: Before 2:00 pm May 6th go to the contest tab at the top page and select 5 MLB teams that you think will score the most runs. Hit the submit button and you have entered. 1 Entry per person. Your score will be a total of all 5 of your teams, final score for every game that is completed during the contest time frame. Follow your 5 selected teams when they play and score – front page scoreboard updated daily. Click on the contest leaders at the top of the page and watch and see what place you are in, as the contest is running-updated daily. The user with the teams that score the most total points wins $40.00 prize first place, $12.00 prize second place, $10.00 prize third place, $8.00 fourth place, 5 th thru 10 th place $5.00. The early bird (earliest entry ) with winning entry will be tiebreaker.


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